Our Vision

To be a World leader in fibre-optic products and installation methodologies. Specializing in Micro-duct, Air-Blown Fibre and proven Micro Trench and Narrow Trench installation methods, Lite Access Technologies provides the solution of choice for fibre-optic connectivity.

About Us

Founded in 2004, Lite Access has become a world leader in fibre-optic products and advanced installation methodologies. We specialize in complete, integrated solutions including proven and approved alternate deployment methods for fibre installation. Our Micro-duct, Air-Blown Fibre and proven Micro Trench and Narrow Trench installation methods are used all over the world in high-profile communication networks including Olympic, military and government facilities.

Our innovative approach, flexible products and installation solutions are combined with decades of experience and unparalleled passion. ‘The Lite Access Way’ methodology of construction for both trunk and fibre-to-the-premises (FTTx) connectivity has become a recommended and preferred method of fibre installation. Lite Access has deployed thousands of kilometres of our Micro-duct throughout North and South America, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Caribbean, Australia and Asia.

Mike Plotnikoff and Michael Priest Co-Founders of Lite Access Technologies we’re finalists for Entrepreneur of the year 2017


Network Design & Construction

Ensuring the most cost-effective, quickest-to-deploy and least intrusive methods possible, Lite Access provides the best strategy to meet your needs, budget and deadlines. Our services include:

microduct installation

Complete Micro-duct deployment solutions for all terrain types including permitting, design, and turn-key installations.


Deployment and training on all aspects of fibre blowing. Our crews in BC have dozens of years of splicing experience. We can work on traditional fibre networks including maintenance and emergency splicing requirements.


Complete project analysis provides the best strategy to meet your needs, including deadline and budget.


Experienced teams install complete aerial solutions and transitions to underground Micro-duct networks.


24/7 Emergency Restorations, contract required.


Remote location expertise, Fibre to the Home (FTTH) expertise, FTTx expertise and more.


Lite Access’ revolutionary Micro-duct technology has made end-to-end fibre connectivity a viable, cost effective and risk free bandwidth solution for clients across the globe. Micro-ducts are available in various sizes and configurations. Typically HDPE/MDPE materials are used in conjunction with an aluminum wrap or tracer wire to make up the majority of our catalogue.

Additional products also include Fibre-optic cable, Aerial Micro-duct, Low Fire Hazard Micro-ducts, connectors and sundries. Proprietary items include a cutting head, Shark Blades and the LiteXtend solution.