Micro Trenching and Narrow Trenching Overview

The two most popular methods to install fibre-optic cables are Micro Trenching and Narrow Trenching. This allows Micro-ducts to safely and quickly be laid with minimal disruption to the infrastructure. Micro-ducts are placed directly into a trench in existing asphalt, concrete, modular, block paved or soft infrastructure. Which solution is optimal for you depends on your fibre-optic requirements and municipal regulations. Telco approved access chambers can be installed along the designated route, or existing handholes and/or manholes can be incorporated into the network.

Micro Trenching

3.5 cm (1 1/2”) to 7.5 cm (3”) Wide up to 30 cm (12”) Maximum Depth

A Micro Trench installation is fast, affordable and non-invasive, perfect for cost-efficient projects and municipalities where a shallow installation is acceptable. We recommend a depth of no less than 30 cm in hard deployments or 25 cm of depth in soft infrastructure, but pre-defined municipal standards are always taken into account.

Narrow Trenching

30 cm (12”) to 45 cm (18”) Wide up to 90 cm (36”) Maximum Depth

The Narrow Trench installation is deeper and wider, where municipalities require a greater depth or where terrain conditions require. The width of any trench depends on the Micro-duct configuration and the strand count requirement, usually between 6 cm & 15 cm. Narrow Trenching is commonly used for backbone fibre applications and utility installations.

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