Markets We Serve

Lite Access Technologies works with a wide range of businesses and governments, across military, industry and community. We help to provide broadband, fibre-optic solutions for every need, ensuring a brighter and faster future, through innovative, non-invasive and reliable solutions. Lite Access provides both product and installation solutions, putting fibre within reach for everyone, everywhere.

Municipal & Regional Governments

Fibre-optic networks provide ultra high speed, broadband access to municipalities around the world. Private networks connect municipal assets such as police, fire and city hall, while public networks help to connect businesses and residents in underserved communities. Light Access helps communities achieve their objectives, utilizing our proprietary Micro-duct and Micro Trench and Narrow Trenching solutions.

Telecoms & ISP’s

For telecom carriers and internet service providers (ISP), rebuilding and upgrading a network to bring fibre-optic broadband to customers can be a daunting task. Whether for business or consumer,
installation can be cost prohibitive, particularly in busy, urban neighbourhoods. Lite Access’ Micro-duct products and innovative deployment techniques enable carriers and ISP’s to upgrade their networks quickly and more cost effectively than ever before.

Intelligent Traffic Control (ITS) Networks

Imagine an intelligent traffic network connected by ultra high speed fibre-optic cable. Most cities recognize traffic congestion as a major barrier to growth and productivity, and broadband networks can help improve traffic flow by making communication faster and more reliable. Installing fibre into an existing urban community is a challenge. That’s where Lite Access Technologies comes in. Our Micro Trench and Narrow Trenching reduces the impact on roadways by installing Micro-duct cable with surgical precision.

First Nations Communities

First Nations and Indigenous peoples are turning to fibre-optic solutions to bring broadband to their communities and stimulate economic growth. Low population density and large geographic areas require innovative and creative solutions. Lite Access Micro-ducts are placed on poles or plow trenched underground are ideal for long backbone fibre runs. In addition, Micro-ducts can be pre-populated with fibre to speed up installation significantly decreasing construction costs.

Healthcare Networks

The healthcare industry continues to experience an increase in demand for bandwidth. From digitized medical records and medical imaging files to telemedicine connecting remote communities to specialists miles away, innovation requires a fast, secure and reliable network. Lite Access’s diverse product line including ‘in-building’ Micro-ducts enables cost effective end to end connectivity, from medical campuses to remote medical clinics.

Point to Point Networks

Governments and private industry alike are reducing costs using broadband. Through new, private fibre-optic networks, institutions with multiple locations are increasing communication and dramatically improving their network performance. Lite Access’ Micro Trench and Narrow Trenching deployment methods make building a new network or replacing an existing one more affordable, no matter the environment (urban or rural).

Fibre to the Home/Premises

Broadband, fibre-optic networks are replacing copper and coaxial cables to deliver telephone, internet and TV to homes and businesses at ultra high speeds, worldwide. In many cases, the original cable ducts are no longer usable, and traditional, underground construction techniques are expensive and highly invasive. Lite Access Technologies’ Micro Trench and Narrow Trenching solutions make building new FTTH/P networks faster and more cost effective, with 100-200 metres of Micro-duct laid each day.

Education Networks

School districts and universities are facing an increasing need for high bandwidth, high speed networks. Private fibre-optic networks are being deployed by Lite Access Technologies to educational institutions all over the world. The cost of deploying new cable on existing campuses can be prohibitive, which is why Lite Access offers cost effective Micro Trench and Narrow Trenching solutions that are non-invasive and quick to deploy.