Lite Access Awarded a Municipal Fibre Optic Network Build for the City of Chilliwack, BC

August 23, 2016 – Vancouver, British Columbia, LITE ACCESS TECHNOLOGIES INC. (the “Company”) (CSE: LTE, Pink Sheets: LTCCF), a total integrated fibre optic solutions provider, announced today that its wholly owned subsidiary, DSG Communications Ltd. (“DSG”), has been awarded a contract in the amount of $400,000 for the supply and installation of a 3.5 km Public Works Fibre Optics Link for the City of Chilliwack, British Columbia. Using Lite Access’ proprietary micro-trench and air blown fibre optic technologies will enable connectivity to several Municipal buildings in the most future proof and cost effective fibre manner possible.

Mike Plotnikoff, CEO of Lite Access, states, “We are pleased that the City of Chilliwack has approved the use of our products and services. Chilliwack is just the latest in a number of cities that have recognized the multiple advantages of our products and deployment techniques. This agreement with the City of Chilliwack is further evidence of the quality of work and reputation of Lite Access and DSG.”  Mr. Plotnikoff further added, “We anticipate additional agreements similar to this as entities realize the value that Lite Access and DSG can bring to their organizations.”

The City of Chilliwack like many other communities throughout much of North America are proactively building infrastructure to help offset the high cost of current service provider connectivity. Due to the high costs associated with traditional fibre builds and high monthly costs for individual connections, cities and communities are actively seeking alternative technologies and deployment options that will enable connectivity in the most cost effective and timely manner possible. Lite Access Technologies has been working with numerous communities and cities to provide a proven solution that is being adopted throughout much of North America, South America as well as International. Specializing in microduct and air blown fibre technologies and deployed using specially designed micro-trench, micro-drill methodologies, Lite Access has successfully changed the way fibre optic connectivity is achieved today. Beginning with numerous community builds within the Interior of British Columbia, Lite Access’ products have been used for many other municipalities in Western Canada including QNet – in Coquitlam, BC, the Township of Langley, Corporation of Delta, BC, Banff and Waterton, Alberta, to name a few.

About Lite Access

Lite Access is a world leader in microduct and fibre optic technologies. Using its specially designed and innovative micro-trench and micro-drill methods of deployment, Lite Access’ proprietary microduct technology extends a network provider’s ability to deliver true broadband connectivity directly to end-users, such as homes, government and educational institutions, and emergency response facilities. Providing a full portfolio of fibre connectivity solutions for many types of Telecom infrastructure, Lite Access has successfully deployed thousands of kilometres of microduct networks throughout North and South America, the United Kingdom, the Caribbean, Australia and Asia.

Lite Access’ products have been deployed in many high profile communication networks including the Whistler 2010 Winter Olympic facilities, builds within the State of New York including Central Park, the Bering Sea for the TV show “the Deadliest catch”, fibre to the home at Stanford University and numerous other locations around the globe that have adopted Lite Access as the “solution of choice” for future proof fibre optic connectivity.

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View the full PDF here: LTE NR- Chilliwack – Aug 23, 2016

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