Fueled By Growth, Inspired By Innovation

Lite Access Technologies has grown significantly in the UK since launching in early 2017.


Already boasting a large team and a significant local investment, we are collaborating with UK companies and the Welsh government to build a state-of-the-art fibre network in the UK and set the standard for fibre in homes and businesses. With leading edge custom-designed equipment and a team recruited from local communities, with each of our teams deploying fibre at an astounding speed.

Helping to bring fibre-optic solutions to the UK is challenging, but Lite Access has an edge over the competition by providing products and innovative installation solutions together. We are sharing our expertise with UK companies because we believe in the value of fibre to local communities and want to see the competition adopt our high standard of quality.

Lite Access is proud to be an industry leader in fibre installations and we look forward to growing quickly and further adapting our innovative technology to fit the UK’s diverse needs.