Mike Plotnikoff

Mr. Plotnikoff brings 30 plus years experience in the Tech & Telecom Industries to Lite Access. He has held many key industry positions, from Systems Engineer with Northern Telecom to Director of Technical Sales at both BCTel/TELUS & Sprint Canada. His accomplishments range from engineering & design responsibilities, technical sales and teaching to leading and coaching project managers, technical sales engineers and front line sales personnel. Mr. Plotnikoff is a graduate of the University of Alberta, the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and has earned numerous management certifications from Queens’ School of Business and MIT in Boston.

Michael Priest

Mr. Priest has been involved in the telecom field for 30 plus years. Prior to co-founding Lite Access, he held various senior roles in the industry. His previous experience includes VP of Sales & Marketing for TeraSpan Networks Inc, and VP of Sales at Telos Technology Inc., a wireless equipment, design and implementation company. Mr. Priest has a proven track record of growing company revenues and structuring strategic deals with major players in the industry. He is a serial entrepreneur who applied for his very first patent at 19 years of age.