What is Lite Access Technology?

LAT provides an end to end solution including; design, deployment, full suite of products, micro duct, fibre, equipment and sundries. Maintenace, splicing, testing and training.

The Ultimate “Microduct” Fibre Optic Solution.

Lite Access’revolutionary Microduct technology has made end-to-end fibre connectivity a viable, cost effective and risk free bandwidth solution for organizations across the globe.

Key Features:

> Micro/Narrow Trench – up to 5 times faster than traditional ducted methods
> Substantial cost savings – less than half the cost of traditional deployments
> Minimal disruptions – resulting in continued traffic and pedestrian flow
> Seamless reinstatement – use of common, non-proprietary materials
and components dramatically reduces the risk of environmental impact
> Non-intrusive – non-disruptive and environmentally friendly
> Certification and training programmes available
> Future proof – additional fibre can be blown at any time enabling our clients
to have complete control of future growth demands. This reduces the need for
large up front capital cost associated with traditional deployment requirements