Lite Access Specialty

A Micro-duct solution with proprietary aluminum wrap that provides traceability and increases tensile strength. LAT Specialty products can be deployed in a wide range of methods including Micro Trenching. It is ideal for a variety of projects including connectivity to cell towers and mobile network providers. Customized products are available to your design specifications including branding to your company.


Direct Bury

This robust and simple Micro-duct solution can be installed quickly using a variety of deployment methods. It’s exceptional strength and crush resistance make it a durable and tough solution. Easy installations and customizable configurations make it an ideal Micro-duct solution for a variety of applications. We recommend an optional 125μm aluminium foil lining, for traceability and even more added strength.


Direct Install

The “Direct Install” product assembly is manufactured with a sheath of flexible black PE for easy direct -in-duct installation. A rip cord is pre-installed along the entire length, under the sheath. Aluminum foil is available in all configurations. Lite Access recommends the foil as it increases the tensile strength and provides traceability. The “Direct Install” product is available in the same configurations as the “Direct Buried” bundles. It is also available in custom configurations including fibre in all sizes, and colours.



Lite Access’ aerial Micro-ducts come in two types: Steel and fiberglass reinforced. Fibre-optic Micro-ducts are fully non-metallic with GPR strength member. Lite Access’ Aerial Micro-ducts allows for seamless integration from underground networks to aerial delivery. The sheath is durable, weatherproof and made to International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards. Available from 2 to 24 Micro-ducts per conduit, allowing 48 to 288 strands to be added at any time.


Low Fire Hazard (LFH)

For low fire hazard indoor products, including Plenum rated Micro-ducts, offer low friction performance suitable for fibre blowing. The LFH material protects the fibre-optic cable assembly and meets most indoor fire regulations, including the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 60332-3 and 60332-1 standards. LFH Micro-ducts are low-smoke, halogen free and provide low flammability when required or recommended.


Fibre Optic Mini-cable

Lite Access Technologies custom Mini-cable product is designed to be blown into Micro-ducts with an outer coating that provides excellent dimensional and thermal stability. Mini-cable configurations use Corning or Corning compatible SMF G652d bend insensitive fibre. The fibres are dry (not coated with gel), permitting fast and contamination-free connections. We manufacture Mini-cable from 24 strands to 288 strands in an ISO 9001 (Management Quality System) certified facility.



One of our most popular and innovative solutions for fibre optic Micro-duct cable, LiteXtend is a pre-connectorized Micro-duct fibre bundle that is customizable to your needs. It includes fibre connectors on one or both ends of the fibre cable, eliminating the need to splice fibres for FTTx drop applications. SC (2.5mm) and LC (1.5mm) APC connector options are available. LiteXtend allows any contractor or homeowner to Plug and Play the fibre drop to their premises quickly and cost effectively. It is manufactured in lengths from 25 m (80 ft) up to 150 m (500 ft).


Manufactured Head

Our unique, customized cutting blade and attachment has been designed for Micro-duct deployments in various infrastructures. It is mounted onto a highflow front loader or skid steer machine and the cutting head with its Shark Blade enables an ‘up cut’ that is pushed, rather than pulled through infrastructure. This method creates far less ‘hopping’ of the blade and makes a cleaner, quicker more consistent incision during Micro/Narrow Trenching. The cutting head has been designed to move side to side and rotate to accommodate sidewalks or other deployment anomalies.