Local Authorities/Cities and Municipalities

Affordable access to unlimited bandwidth.

The majority of Local Authorities already operate part or whole private networks, often utilizing bandwidth constraining technologies. The traditional pricing model for bandwidth is based on cost per Megabit of capacity – increasing bandwidth equals increased costs. For the budget-constrained public sector this inevitably leads to a situation where bandwidth use is restricted in order to minimize costs.

LAT’s affordable dark fibre connectivity and fixed cost bandwidth model enables Local Authorities to break away from their current bandwidth restrictions and move into a world where unlimited bandwidth can deliver fundamental changes in the way the sector operates.

We work in partnership with a range of local authority clients including Cities Municipalities, Districts and other Government Departments, providing fibre network solutions to meet the demands of Public Sector communication and purchasing requirements. Many local authority clients purchase through competitive tendering and the contracts awarded to LAT underlines our high commitment to best value.


All educational institutions face major communication challenges including linking online resources and databases, upgrading network facilities for shared applications and obtaining fast and reliable Internet connections. Whether the aim is to deliver unlimited bandwidth or to decrease communication operation costs, educational institutions must continue to evaluate options that impact the bottom line today and for years to come.

LAT’s affordable dark fibre connectivity and fixed cost bandwidth model is ideal for the deployment of private fibre networks to connect multiple locations on campus sites. We provide not only the high-speed unlimited bandwidth to support the leading-edge applications demanded, but also the financial benefit of a fixed-cost and reliable solution.

We work in partnership with colleges, universities and research establishments, and have years of experience in providing fibre network solutions to meet the demands of Academia’s communication and purchasing requirements.



Market forces and technological developments are rapidly changing the healthcare industry. Massive electronic data transfers (such as electronic patient records and digital medial images) are taking place on a regular basis between health facilities. With rising costs, reduced budgets and stiff competition, healthcare organizations now demand access to high bandwidth at an affordable cost.

LAT’s affordable dark fibre connectivity and fixed cost bandwidth model provides healthcare organizations with access to secure network capacity and reliable unlimited bandwidth.

We work in partnership with a range of healthcare clients including hospitals and research organizations, providing fibre network solutions to meet the demands of healthcare communication and purchasing requirements.


Regardless of size, communication costs remain one of the largest expenses for multi-site organizations and promise to be a major cost as technology continues to evolve. The key to better bottom-line management is to significantly reduce these charges, while also being able to allocate them to either a capital or operating expense depending on your needs.

LAT’s affordable dark fibre connectivity and fixed cost bandwidth model can help multi-site organizations overcome these financial challenges and move into a world where unlimited bandwidth can deliver competitive advantage.

We work in partnership with multi-site organizations across a varied range of sectors. LAT understands the problems and issues faced by organizations and each solution is tailored to the particular communication and purchasing needs of the sector.



The decision that telecommunication carriers make about their access networks will help determine the success or failure of their efforts to compete for triple play. So while it appears many carriers agree that fiber is necessary to carry the bandwidth needed, until now it has not been an affordable option for many.

LAT’s affordable dark fibre connectivity and fixed cost bandwidth model can help telecommunication carriers overcome the challenges associated with high costs, lengthy deployment timelines, environmental impacts and move into a world where unlimited bandwidth can be delivered in the most economically feasible and profitable manner.

We work in partnership with telecommunication carriers to meet the demands of future bandwidth requirements. Solutions tailored to the particular communication needs are designed and deployed in the most cost effective and timely manner enabling business in service areas that have not been economically feasible to service before.

Fibre to the Home (FTTH)

markets-we-serve_fibre-to-the-home-ftthMany see the arrival of fibre as the ultimate objective in bringing advanced facilities to people at home. For some, the future is here. FTTH applications are springing up around the globe. Resident’s benefit from virtually an unlimited access to a greater range of communication services, including telephony (VOIP), high-speed Internet and video-on-demand, as well as advanced home security solutions. What’s more, the network allows people to enjoy several services simultaneously, without fear of the common contention problems experienced today.
A highly efficient dark fiber infrastructure from Lite Access Technologies will empower your city with a high-speed, reliable network that will improve your ability to communicate and enhance your capability to share resources. It will also help mid-size governments to overcome major near-term communications obstacles such as:
» Connecting online resources and databases of city departments to share knowledge among disparate locations.
» Upgrading facilities such as data centers and server farms to secure data recovery and business continuity.
» Developing e-government services resulting in improved access for citizens, increased efficiency, lower costs, and greater effectiveness.

We work in partnership with contractors, developers and city officials to link your city with fiber optic connections providing secure and dedicated bandwidth capable of connecting numerous municipal agencies, departments and residences. LAT’s affordable dark fibre solution will not only improve your economic prosperity and business culture, but also enhance your government’s operating and financial efficiencies.