Lite Access Technologies is pleased to announce that it is opening a new operations office in the United Kingdom to support and accelerate its growth.

After conducting market research and engaging in numerous discussions and meetings with local Service Providers and other entities within the UK, the Company has identified significant demand and opportunity in the UK to take advantage of Lite Access’ leading air blown fibre and micro-trench deployment solutions.

Led by Lite Access Chief Operating Officer, Dylan Griffiths, “Lite Access – UK” will be based in Wales, focusing  its operations on delivering a totally integrated fibre solution consisting of proven and widely accepted air blown fibre technologies deployed in the most cost effective, least disruptive and environmentally friendly method available today, namely micro-trenching.  A former British Telecommunications Engineer with more than 25 years of fibre optic experience, Dylan has established a track record of securing long-term relationships with telecoms, ISPs and municipalities, and of successfully establishing construction teams that strive to be innovative and professional in their approach to fibre network implementation.

Mr. Griffiths stated, “With companies in the UK such as Virgin Media and others making unprecedented investment into fibre deployment, Lite Access – UK will be in the enviable position of bringing a new and highly advantageous deployment methodology to a market with tremendous potential.  The many long-term relationships we have in place at senior levels of the telecom industry in the UK will prove vital to our goal of further establishing Lite Access as the micro-trench deployment solution of choice worldwide.”

About Broadband in the UK

The UK Government has been on a mission to bring broadband to every home and business.  The importance of a strong, affordable internet connection in the UK has been put on similar footing as other basic services such as water, electricity and the right to receive a letter – to that end, the objective has been set of super fast speeds being available to 95% of homes and businesses by the end of 2017.