Mike Plotnikoff

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder/Director
Mr. Plotnikoff brings 30 plus years experience in the Tech & Telecom Industries to Lite Access. He has held many key industry positions, from Systems Engineer with Northern Telecom to Director of Technical Sales at both BCTel/TELUS & Sprint Canada. His accomplishments range from engineering & design responsibilities, technical sales and teaching to leading and coaching project managers, technical sales engineers and front line sales personnel. Mr. Plotnikoff is a graduate of the University of Alberta, the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and has earned numerous management certifications from Queens’ School of Business and MIT in Boston. As a co-founder of Lite Access and as its CEO, Mr. Plotnikoff is thrilled to lead such a remarkable team of professionals and is passionate about bringing fibre-optic solutions to clients all over the world.

Michael Priest

Chief Commercial Officer, Co-Founder/Director
Mr. Priest has been involved in the telecom field for 30 plus years. Prior to co-founding Lite Access and becoming its CCO, he held various senior roles in the industry. His previous experience includes VP of Sales & Marketing for TeraSpan Networks Inc, and VP of Sales at Telos Technology Inc., a wireless equipment, design and implementation company. Mr. Priest has a proven track record of growing company revenues and structuring strategic deals with major players in the industry. He is a serial entrepreneur who applied for his very first patent at 19 years of age.