Fibre to the Home (FTTH)

Many see the arrival of fibre as the ultimate objective in bringing advanced facilities to people at home. For some, the future is here. FTTH applications are springing up around the globe. Resident’s benefit from virtually an unlimited access to a greater range of communication services, including telephony (VOIP), high-speed Internet and video-on-demand, as well as advanced home security solutions. The network allows people to enjoy several services simultaneously, without fear of the common contention problems experienced today.

A highly efficient dark fiber infrastructure from Lite Access Technologies will empower your city with a high-speed, reliable network that will improve your ability to communicate and enhance your capability to share resources. It will also help mid-size governments to overcome major near-term communications obstacles such as:

» Connecting online resources and databases of city departments to share knowledge among disparate locations.
» Upgrading facilities such as data centers and server farms to secure data recovery and business continuity.
» Developing e-government services resulting in improved access for citizens, increased efficiency, lower costs, and greater effectiveness.

How We Operate

Working in partnership with contractors, developers and city officials, Lite Access proven FTTh fibre solutions enables Cities and Communities with dedicated high bandwidth connectivity that can be shared between municipal agencies, departments and residents.  Lite Access’s affordable dark fibre solution will not only improve your economic prosperity and business culture, but also enhance your government’s operating and financial efficiencies.