Lite Access Technologies Inc. is recognized as a solution of choice for fibre connectivity solutions and deployment methodologies and has been providing air blown fibre and microduct solutions for clients around the world.  Being flexible and innovative in approach, Lite Access has developed a strong client and product base that continues to grow on an exponential basis.

Working with Cities, States, Communities and Municipalities, Lite Access has developed and perfected Micro-trenching tools and processes that have proven to be the most cost effective and environmentally friendly means for fibre optic network construction.  Having invested a great deal of time and resources in the design and manufacture of proven tools and blades, Lite Access’ air blown fibre and microduct networks can be constructed at a fraction of the cost and time associated with traditional trenching builds.

Lite Access prides itself with being a full solutions provider specializing in air blown fibre technologies as well as provide a host of traditional products and fibre cables for those applications that are not easily adaptable.  Providing engineering designs, certified construction partners or construction certification programs, an entire portfolio of air blown fibre technologies as well as access to all other Telecom products and technologies, Lite Access remains the solution of choice for fibre connectivity – Globally.

Fibre to the Home (FTTH)

Many see the arrival of fibre as the ultimate objective in bringing advanced facilities to people at home. For some, the future is here….

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Lite Access Technologies has been involved in  “last mile,” lateral connections for the past number of years and  provide a wide range of solutions and technologies for all types of connectivity…

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Lite Access Technologies provides a wide range of internal microducts including Plenum and fire rated products. Designed to connect directly to the outside plant network using air and water tight connectors…

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Lite Access’ Air blown fibre solutions continue to evolved to accomodate the growing needs and varied interest of clients demands for broadband connectivity. Ranging from lateral connectivity, typically from Telco (Service Provider) to end client, Campus, FTTh and most recent, long haul / backbone applications, Lite Access has a solution and technology to fit your needs…

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Direct Bury

Lite Access Technologies provides a full range of Outside plant and Inside plant products and ‘Air blown” fibre technologies. Depending on application, Lite Access manufactures a wide assortment of microduct configurations…

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