High Flow Skid Steer – Attachments include:

Powered by the carrier’s high-flow hydraulics, the wheel saw cuts through asphalt, concrete, and  other materials to produce a trench for installing utility lines. The trench cleaner, which is raised and   lowered hydraulically, assures a clean trench for installation. Use the hydraulic depth adjustment gauge to  deliver a consistent, uniform cut depth. For operating close to curbs and walls, the hydraulic side-shift allows the attachment to shift flush with any nearby object for a close cut.

Operate with minimal damage to the surrounding jobsite and eliminate the mess of excavation. The wheel saw attachment provides a more precise cut than air or hydraulic hammers and is easier to transport than dedicated machines.



Vermeer: With the addition of the RTX450 to the RTX lineup, contractors can choose from a full Vermeer lineup of quad track units to help them maximize their productivity in adverse conditions. The RTX450 is offered in three configurations: the standard duty axle outfitted with a 26” (66 cm) tire option or the heavy duty axle 29” (73.7 cm) tire and quad track options. The tractor also features the common controls seen up and down the RTX l.

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DitchWitch: The Ditch Witch® MT12 MicroTrencher offers underground contractors a  highly cost-effective solution for installing fiber-optic cable along paved rights-of-way. With its unique saw blades, the MT12 cleanly slices through asphalt to create the ideal trench for this application in one quick, efficient pass. The MT12 is part of a complete microtrenching system, the components of which are all designed and manufactured by the Ditch Witch organization to work together with unbeatable efficiency