P1010055 The “Breeze” cable blowing machine is designed to meet the growing need for FTTX installations.

The Breeze can install both microcable and blown fiber (blown fiber available with add-on kit) and it is the only machine on the market with this capability, so it saves you money.

The high/low torque switch makes it easy to select the torque range to install microcable or blown fiber.

The design of the Breeze provides for quick and easy component changes for different cable or duct sizes.

Its compact size and portable maneuverability makes the “Breeze” ideally suited for external or in-building use. The compliant, double driven rollers provide a secure grip while safely handling micro fiber cable. The pushing force, up to 35 lbs. (16 kg), can be adjusted to suit the cable stiffness. The unit has variable speed control.

The “Breeze” uses compressed air to install the cable. In operation, the electrically powered, two-roller drive system controls the cable as it is propelled into the duct. An electronic monitoring system provides read-outs of speed and distance, and includes an emergency stop button.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 8.01.45 PMThe JetStream®

has been designed to provide maximum cable protection, combined with the performance and reliability of hydraulic drive. The profiled double drive belt system is driven by single 32 cc hydraulic motor, powered by a supplied power pack with oil cooler.
The electronic monitoring system provides
read-out of speed and distance, helps protect against duct obstructions and includes an emergency stop.
The JetStream is adjustable to suit a wide range of cable diameters .23-.79 in
(6-20 mm), and duct diameters of .75-1.50 in SDR (12 mm-50 mm OD).